Revealing the skin of your dream with choegoui (최고의) total care experience, rooted in the principle of korean beauty.

Dream skin isn’t one size fits all - some of you might dream of smooth and clear skin, some of you might dream of skin that is free from your current complexion, while some of you might just dream of maintaining your current skin condition.

And as everyone’s skin is unique and different, we believe that you can set your own dream skin and priorities that are probably different from others. Because taking care of your skin is not about being like someone else, it’s about being yourself.

That’s why, here at SKINDA, we’ll take the time and extra care to get to know you and the dream skin you wish to achieve. With our Choegoui (최고의) Total Care Experience, we designed a whole new experience tailored especially for you. From the start until your dream skin is achieved, we are here to take tender care of your skin and of course to ensure you’ll go through the process with enjoyment (and even celebrate the progress!).

All of our treatments, technology, and principles are rooted from the very best and most advanced beauty industry in the world, South Korea. Along with the guidance and supervision from the founder of SKINDA Korea, Dr. Lee Kyung Real, M.D, Ph.D, all SKINDA branches in Indonesia will have the same standards as our headquarter in Korea.

We have taken great care and time to hand-pick a talented, experienced dermatologist & aesthetic team who share the same values. You’ll be in experienced hands, committed to your long-term plan and dedicated to give you the best possible results. And whatever your dream skin is, we want you to realise that the skin of your dream is no longer just a far-away dream, it is now something within your reach.

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JL. HR Muhammad 177 D, Ruko Surya Inti Permata II,
Tunjungan Plaza 6 Lt.4 unit 018,
Jl, Sultan Iskandar Muda No 9,
Kebayoran Lama, Jakarta Selatan.
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